The climate co-pilot for finance

Customised climate analysis on investments at speed and scale.

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Harness AI for Green Investing

Green finance is changing, don't get left behind

Missed opportunities
Climate assessments are time-consuming and investors risk missing out on new product opportunities.
AI revolution
AI has the potential to help, but implementing working solutions is challenging in an ever-changing technology environment.
Expensive data
Companies buy and retrofit ESG data and ratings, which are expensive to access and hard to integrate.

Accelerated Decision Making

Our platform speeds up workflows 10x

Assess at speed
Quickly access, upload and evaluate bonds against market standards and your own methodologies, and easily share insights with your team.
Understand impact
Gain instant access to impact reports, enabling timely monitoring of commitments and ensuring investments meet your criteria.
Custom methodologies
Develop your own methodologies as the market evolves, tailoring criteria to your unique investment strategy and the latest third-party guidance.
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Are your investments aligned?

Latest media


International climate finance expert David Carlin joins AI fintech startup ClimateAligned as Strategic Advisor

International climate finance expert David Carlin has joined the Advisory Board of AI fintech startup ClimateAligned, drawing on his extensive background in global leadership positions to offer insights on the intersection of AI and sustainable investment. This comes as ClimateAligned is moving to expand its offering from covering bonds to also analysing corporate and sovereign climate transition plans, something which David has extensive experience in.


ClimateAligned Launch - Applying AI to Climate & ESG Investment

ClimateAligned is developing the first AI platform designed to integrate end-to-end sustainability, ESG and climate factors and data applicable to debt investment decisions in a single application. Its product will enable institutional investors to find new opportunities that accelerate finance aligned with climate and emissions targets - and avoid greenwashing risks.

We are always looking for people passionate about climate and finance.